Modifying the Lathe Quick-Change Toolpost

So I imported this quick-change tool post for my lathe, which appears to be some kind of standard, but a standard that my lathe just doesn’t happen to abide by. I needed a large (~1 1/2″) hole in the bottom of this solid tool-steel block. I tried drilling it with a carbide-insert drill, but after several minutes had made a cut so shallow it could only be felt by dragging a fingernail across it. After watching a few Youtube videos, though, I decided it must be possible and came up with the setup below, a solid carbide end mill slowly enlarging the hole on a rotary table. The mill left an amazingly high-quality finish.

2 responses to “Modifying the Lathe Quick-Change Toolpost

  1. Congrats on the setup, I’ve been trying to locate a dual handle aloris style QCTP for some time now, could you let me know where you purchased it and the model you bought, tks

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