Youtube Video Update 8

Yet another video update. Here you’ll get a tour around the car pointing out the newest additions, followed by fabricating the fuel swirl pot and mount, the first power-up of the electrical system, mounting components on the instrument panel, drilling the firewall for fuel lines, fabricating braided stainless steel fuel lines, building and installing the throttle pedal cable pull rod and the cable itself, building the ECU mounting platform, and machining the rear sprocket to fit the differential.

Youtube Video Update 8

ECU Platform

ECU mounting platform, with room for more electronics

Swirl Pot

Fuel swirl pot fabricated and mounted

Youtube Video Update 7

Here’s another video I uploaded to Youtube a while ago. This one shows test fitting the headers outside the car, installing the engine & headers, then removing the headers with the engine in the car. The first version of the headers shown here both touched the firewall and would have needed to be removed before the oil filter could be changed, which was decidedly non-optimal. When I pointed this out to the header fabricator, he went back and built a completely new set at no extra charge.

Test fitting the headers, on Youtube


Headers, version 1.0, installed on the GSX-R1000 engine.