Fabricating Lower Suspension Clevis Spacers & Washers

Need some spacers to keep the clevises from interfering with some of the frame tubes. Also, custom load-spreading washers that my FEA says are important:

Making Chips… Finally!

Assembly Drawing

Lower suspension attachment clevis assembly drawing

It seems that other people who’ve built cars from scratch attempt to get their cars rolling on the ground as soon as possible, so I figure I’ll do it that way too. With that in mind, it’s time to start fabricating the suspension. First up: lower suspension attachment clevises. I ordered 7075 aircraft aluminum from the United States as part of my big shipment. It’s amazing stuff– stronger than steel but light as aluminum. These assemblies have to be extremely strong, as I calculate that under braking the front one takes a load of over 4400 pounds.

Modifying the Lathe Quick-Change Toolpost

So I imported this quick-change tool post for my lathe, which appears to be some kind of standard, but a standard that my lathe just doesn’t happen to abide by. I needed a large (~1 1/2″) hole in the bottom of this solid tool-steel block. I tried drilling it with a carbide-insert drill, but after several minutes had made a cut so shallow it could only be felt by dragging a fingernail across it. After watching a few Youtube videos, though, I decided it must be possible and came up with the setup below, a solid carbide end mill slowly enlarging the hole on a rotary table. The mill left an amazingly high-quality finish.

Contents: 1 Race Car Kit, some assy. req’d

I’ve been accumulating parts for almost the past two years in a warehouse in Los Angeles as it’s easier to buy things in the US and ship them all the way to Thailand than it is to just buy them in Thailand. Also, I only wanted to navigate Thai customs one time. Finally gave them the go-ahead to ship, and a few weeks later everything arrived at my door. Includes just about everything that I can’t make myself or buy in Thailand: wheels, brake calipers, brake discs, brake pads, master cylinders, Aeroquip tubing and fittings, torsen differential, rear axles, spherical bearings, bearings, rod ends, 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 engine, crash padding, radiator, oil cooler, kevlar, vacuum-bagging materials, vacuum pump, Halon fire system, and more. Also, everything I need to fully fit out my machine shop, like a rotary table, angle table, and cutting tools. Better than Christmas!

Some assembly required. May require common household items such as tape, scissors, stapler, lathe, milling machine, and TIG welder.