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Discussion of the design process is ongoing at the ApexSpeed forum. Check it out to get up to speed on the project:

ApexSpeed Design Thread

Formula 1000 was conceived and developed on

Welcome to the LudemannEngineering Blog

Greetings! On this blog I’ll be documenting my efforts to bring SCCA-style Formula 1000 racing to Thailand. Formula 1000 is the fastest-growing class of race cars in the Sports Car Club of America, as it provides the greatest excitement for the money, but has not yet been seen in Thailand. Based on 1000 cc superbike engines and transmissions, the cars feature open wheels, slick tires, wings, and ground effects. Cornering speeds and braking are comparable to Formula 1 cars of 25-30 years ago. Costs are kept low by prohibiting engine modifications and exotic materials, and requiring a steel tube frame. The next step up in amateur racing is Formula Atlantic, which costs serious money.

First off is to build the prototype.