More Laser-Cut Parts and Panels

Laser Cut

Second batch of laser-cut parts.

I received my second batch of laser-cut parts, this time from a new supplier that has some more reasonable aluminum. They did a reasonable job, but man were they slow. It took three visits and more than two weeks to get a quotation, then I forget how long to do the work. Then when they were finished, I had to call them to find out. This is Thailand.

The parts are cut from both steel and aluminum of several different thicknesses, and include the radiator and oil cooler mounts, differential mounts, some engine mounts, the entire pedal cluster, parts of the steering column, chain tensioner, nose mounts, steering rack mounts, steering column mounts, lap belt mounts, chassis side panels, seat panels, the firewall, fuel tank, and even an idler sprocket.

Laser Cut Panels

Laser-cut panels including sides, seat and fuel tank

First Laser-Cut Parts

Below is our proof-of-concept for laser cutting parts in Thailand. Choices of material are extremely limited– ya got yer steel, see, and ya got yer aluminum. Unfortunately the aluminum is 1100, which has the structural strength of mozzarella, so I had to provide my own 6061-T6 to be cut. That didn’t reduce the price much, though. Redesigned some parts to match the available steel, which luckily is considerably stronger than cheese. I don’t yet have a sheet metal bender or supplier, so some parts have a slot cut where they are bent by hand and welded to shape as seen in the last photographs.

Fabricating the Suspension Attachment Points