Building the Frame: Roll Hoop to Tail

2 responses to “Building the Frame: Roll Hoop to Tail

  1. Great work!

    A really amazing manufacturing.

    I have never seen a car using the central keel at the rear axle too.

    Just out of my curiosity, what will be the final chassis weight?

    And how you would like to place rockers and dampers?

    • Yes, the central keel was never possible on a car with a longitudinal engine and transmission. My front and rear suspensions are nearly identical, with the goal of perfectly neutral handling at the limit. In a perfect corner the front wheels would point straight ahead, and I’ll be steering with the throttle.

      Current chassis weight is 86 pounds without the forward roll hoop braces. Springs and dampers both front and rear are ahead of axle centerlines. So far there are no photos of this on my site, but it’s all designed.


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